SoftChalk Launches Cloud-based eLearning Authoring Platform

Award-winning education technology leader, SoftChalk, LLC  announced the launch of SoftChalk Cloud, the world’s first complete e-learning content authoring platform in the cloud. SoftChalk Cloud enables educators to easily create, manage and share rich, engaging online learning content with one convenient solution.

SoftChalk Cloud includes SoftChalk Create, a refined version of the company’s popular content authoring tool, collaboration tools and LMS integration. Improved features and functionality build from SoftChalk’s original, successful desktop-only solution.

“Educators will get the same outstanding content authoring product–now with the convenience of the cloud,” says Sue Polyson Evans, CEO of SoftChalk. “SoftChalk Cloud sets the standard as the easiest, most flexible way to create and manage engaging, media-rich e-learning content.”

Key features of SoftChalk Cloud include:

  • Browser-based log in allows anytime editing of content in SoftChalk Cloud.
  • Multi-purpose content created in SoftChalk Cloud to multiple Learning Management Systems (LMS)with integration for most major LMS.
  • Sharable learning content and media within SoftChalk Cloud.
  • Efficient content management allows linking  and simultaneous updating of SoftChalk Cloud content items into multiple courses and tracking student scores into multiple LMS gradebooks.
  • SoftChalk Cloud allows detailed student score tracking inside or outside of the LMS gradebook.

SoftChalk Cloud is sold on a subscription basis with site license pricing available.  The company also offers free trial downloads or scheduled demos.

SoftChalk, LLC, an award-winning provider of eLearning software for worldwide education and business institutions, specializes in development of intuitive, easy-to-use content creation and management tools for eLearning and smart classrooms in K-12, higher education and corporate training.  Visit the SoftChalk website or read the full press release.

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