[Sponsored Post] Adobe Systems Supporting More Products in More Languages for Less Money

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Global instrument and audio product manufacturer Yamaha wanted a better way to develop multilingual user manuals for its expanding range of products. By implementing Adobe FrameMaker and using its easy integration with the Trados translation memory tool, Yamaha gained a better way to streamline content production while cutting translation costs.

“While the number of products we supported increased, the translation fees we paid to translation companies over the course of the year showed virtually no change,” says Yukio Endo, Manager of the Manual Development Department. “It also became unnecessary to adjust fees with the translation companies, while becoming easier to estimate the necessary budget beforehand.”

Using conditional text in FrameMaker allows Yamaha to adapt a single content source for multiple manuals. Creating templates in FrameMaker also preserves the visual appearance of manuals, enables content consolidation, and improves user-friendliness.

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