Stilo Extends Migrate Functionality with DocBook to DITA Conversion Capability

Stilo InternationalStilo International announced that it has extended the range of conversion options for its cloud XML content conversion service, Migrate, adding support for documents authored in DocBook.

When transitioning from monolithic DocBook to a DITA topic-based architecture, conversion of content is not a straightforward one-one mapping.  Decisions unique to your content need to be made in the mapping process, and this often necessitates authors working collaboratively with developers or outsourcing partners. This can lead to frustrating delays and disruption to work schedules for busy documentation teams.

With Migrate, documentation teams can now directly manage the conversion of their DocBook content to DITA, on-demand, 24/7. Using the Migrate Rules Editor, authors can control the topic types, the DITA map, metadata, chunking, related links, and much more by creating or modifying the conversion rules, incrementally improving the quality of the automated conversion.

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