TandemSeven Launches Persona Modeler® Software Toolset

Consulting firm TandemSeven announced the release of its new Persona Modeler® software-as-a-service product at the Gartner Portals, Content and Collaboration Summit. The Persona Modeler toolset manages user research and persona design, creation and maintenance within rich media repository to enable collaboration among user experience, technical writing, marketing and product design teams.

Persona Modeler’s web-based toolset utilizes web-based affinity group functionality to quickly analyze data, and customizable, flexible templates and collaborative workflows that can produce research-driven personas and share them across multiple formats. The accompanying iPad app provides mobile visibility and access to personas.

“Consumer expectations have changed dramatically as a result of emerging technologies, including mobility and social media,” said Ray Valdes, Research Vice President at Gartner. “Now, in both consumer and business environments, users expect a great experience, and understanding their needs is critical when developing digital touch points. When organizations can easily produce and share research-driven personas and share them across the organization, key stakeholders, including product development, marketing and IT, can focus more effectively on customer and user needs, ultimately creating a great user experience while reducing development cycle time and rework.”

“For the last ten years, we have seen how personas can positively influence the market success of any type of software application,” said Frank Torbey, TandemSeven’s CEO and founder. “We are excited to take user-centered design to the next level by offering Persona Modeler. Persona Modeler helps companies engage the right people in persona creation and more effectively manage their portfolio of personas and related research. And because Persona Modeler is software as a service, personas are easily accessible to stakeholders across the organization.”

TandemSeven creates compelling user experiences across platforms and channels, including portals, business applications, Websites, and mobile and tablet apps. The company was founded on the principle of design and technology working in tandem to create superior user experiences and is headquartered in the greater Boston area with offices across the United States. TandemSeven and Persona Modeler are registered trademarks of TandemSeven, Inc.

View the full press release, visit the TandemSeven website, or the site for Persona Modeler.

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