Learn Microsoft’s Secrets for Delivering Help To Software Users at TCUK 2014

tcuk logoOver 150 delegates, sponsors and speakers from across the world will be at the Thistle Hotel, Brighton for the Technical Communication UK Conference from 16th – 18th September 2014. Organised by the Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators (ISTC) it is the UK’s leading annual conference for the technical communication profession.

Among the keynote speakers are Doug Kim and Jessica Reading from Microsoft’s Office.com division. Doug and Jessica will outline the principles of the improved editorial voice and demonstrate some of the mechanics that can help achieve it. The conference’s Chair, David Farbey, said ”Having such high profile speakers at a UK conference is a real coup and has generated a lot of interest.” Other keynote speakers include Canadian content strategist Rahel Anne Bailie and UK businessman Gordon Dennis, a leading expert in delivering user assistance for the aviation industry.

With a special focus on “Technical Communication in the age of Social Media”, much of the pre-conference buzz has centred on the conference’s Twitter stream and Facebook page. David added, “this year’s focus on how social media can be used to deliver useful and helpful content makes our conference an unmissable event for UK technical communication professionals.”

During the conference delegates will be able to choose from over 30 workshops and presentations about the latest products and techniques for presenting better product instructions. Information on registration and accomodations can be found on the conference website.

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