Tech Writer This Week for April 19, 2012

[<a href=”″ target=”_blank”>View the story “Tech Writer This Week for April 19, 2012” on Storify</a>]<br /> <h1>Tech Writer This Week for April 19, 2012</h1> <h2>TechWhirl’s Weekly Roundup of the best technical communications and technical writing posts on the web.</h2> <p>Storified by &middot; Thu, Apr 19 2012 09:46:39</p> <div>First, TechWhirl offers two polls related to the concept of professional community. “Engaging with Your Community” tackles how technical writers interact in their community and why, &nbsp;and the other&nbsp;asks “Are You Active in Other Professional Community?” &nbsp;Follow that with some sparkling Tech Comm News. Then relax and dive into posts and commentary on Technical Communications, some more specific ideas related to Technical Writing, and the latest on Content Strategy, and User&nbsp;Experience. <div><br></div> <div>Some of the interesting stuff we found this week: we can all use some refreshers on technical writing such as topic-based writing, conciseness, and punctuation; if you follow Jakob Nielson, you’ll be interested in the designers’ response to his recommendations on mobile design; and Mark Baker ponders whether he’s a content strategist, while Neil Kaplan guests on I’d Rather Be Writing with his thoughts about wikis and documentation.&nbsp; <div><br></div> <div> <div> <div>Career and Life includes “The Top 200 Jobs of 2012,” and&nbsp;”10 IT Job Roles that are Hardest to Fill,” (and technical writer appears on both lists), as well as&nbsp;tips on “Transitioning from Technical Writer to Business Analyst.”&nbsp;</div> </div> </div> </div> </div> <div> <h1>TechWhirl Polls</h1> </div> <div>Technical Communications Poll: Are You Active in Other Communities?In the course of any given work week, many of us read dozens of blogs, follow hundreds of tweets, and keep up with threads and messages i…</div> <div>Technical Communications Poll: Engaging with Your CommunityThe mental image so many people seem to have of technical writers as loners chained to their keyboards and their style manuals has been a…</div> <div> <h1>Tech Comm News</h1> </div> <div>iFixit Launches Dozuki to Modernize Business DocumentationiFixit, maker of the world’s most popular service documentation site, today announced the immediate commercial availability of Dozuki, a …</div> <div>TechPubs Global Adds Two Technology Veterans to Executive TeamTechPubs Global, provider of aviation technical publications management software and services to the global aviation industry, has announ…</div> <div>NetXposure 6.1 Enterprise Digital Asset Management Platform LaunchedNetXposure, provider of Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions, released NetXposure 6.1. with several new, customer-driven features inc…</div> <div>Lexaltyics Powers Reputation Monitoring in Bitly Enterprise 2.0Lexalytics, Inc., a leading provider of text and sentiment analysis software, announced that its Salience sentiment analysis technology p…</div> <div>Lingoport Releases Internationalization Software Globalyzer 4.0Lingoport, a leading provider of internationalization consulting services and and software products, announced the release of Globalyzer …</div> <div> <h1>Technical Writing</h1> </div> <div>Using topic-based writing to pull together any writing projectMar 5, 2012 … I don&amp;#39;t have to tell you that topic-based writing is a very popular idea in the world of technical communication. A…</div> <div>The Art of Concise Writing&quot;Vigorous writing is concise. A sentence should contain no unnecessary words, a paragraph no unnecessary sentences, for the same reason t…</div> <div>Quality Metrics for Technical Writers « Technical Writing ToolBoxMar 28, 2012 … Overview. The simple definition for metrics would be the methods or ways used by companies to judge success and/or fai…</div> <div>Make your Sentences Slim (By removing 35 Wordy Phrases)One of the easiest way to achieve conciseness in your writing is by removing wordy phrases. Wordy Phrases are long sentences that can be …</div> <div>10 Twitter hashtags for #TechnicalWritersTwitter is becoming a useful media for sharing information. Many technical writers (including me; my twitter id is @gurpreetwrites) have …</div> <div>The Importance Of Curiosity When Creating Bullets | Write to DoneFeb 14, 2012 … A guest post By Sean D&amp;#39;Souza of Step into a bookstore, step into the business section and pull …</div> <div>I am conflicted about typos – mike&amp;#39;s web log – Mike PopeApr 3, 2012 … Entries for permalink 2364. Blog Search. (Supports AND) Include comments. Google Ads. Feed. Subscribe to the RSS feed f…</div> <div>Minimal punctuationAnother post inspired by a writing tip I wrote for my work colleagues. ********************* Bottom line: Eliminate unnecessary punctuati…</div> <div>A voyage of discovery: how the best science writers keep you enthralledRather than being laden from the outset with jargon, good writing will draw readers in and reward them for their attentionEnter the Wellc…</div> <div> <h1>Technical Communications</h1> </div> <div>Advice about breaking into tech commPosted on by Kai Some time ago, a lab technician asked me how to go about breaking into technical communications. I’ve already replied to…</div> <div>The role of webinars in technical communicationLast week I was co-presenter in a webinar. It was an interesting, invigorating and fun-filled experience. There was even enough of a dose…</div> <div>Guest Post: Why I Love Wikis | I&amp;#39;d Rather Be Writing1 day ago … Neal Kaplan. The following is a guest post by Neal Kaplan, a technical writer at Zuora, Inc. Another post about wikis? Wh…</div> <div>Recording of webinar about Confluence wiki as documentation …6 hours ago … On Thursday I was a co-presenter in a webinar about Confluence wiki as a platform for technical documentation. The reco…</div> <div> <h1>Content Strategy</h1> </div> <div>Am I a Content Strategist? | Every Page is Page OneI’m a fan of emerging technology, and generally tolerant of emerging terminology, but when it comes to job titles I tend to the view that…</div> <div>Show Me the Content Strategy! &quot; Brain Traffic BlogIt’s quite common for me to hear this question during preliminary conversations for project work. Despite being a regular request, it’s n…</div> <div> <h1>User Experience/Usability</h1> </div> <div>Designers respond to Nielsen on mobile | News | .net magazineEarlier this week usability pioneer Jakob Nielsen published guidelines recommending separate sites, cut-down content for mobile and auto-…</div> <div> <h1>Career and Life</h1> </div> <div>The Top 200 Jobs of 2012: 21 – 40 | CareerCast.com8 hours ago … Most professions that rank 21 – 40 fall into one of three categories: science- related, historical or technical. A major…</div> <div>10 IT job roles that are hardest to fill | TechRepublicThe IT job market is usually a seller’s market, even in tough times like these. But some IT roles are especially difficult to fill. Here …</div> <div>Transitioning from Technical Writer to Business Analyst | Business AnalystWith evolving economic and technological needs, career moves are practically universal in today’s job market. Some of these career moves …</div> <div>Motivate Yourself More by Setting Up the Perfect Home Office …20 hours ago … 1stwebdesigner – Graphic and Web Design Blog – 1stwebdesigner is a … Motivate Yourself More by Setting Up the Perfec…</div> <div>10 Google services you can live without | TechRepublic10 hours ago … Takeaway: As Google expands its reach, many users are looking for alternatives to its services. Can you live without G…</div> <div>What are you doing to shine? 5 ways to stand out in tough times | Lindsey Pollak: Generation Y Career Expert, Gen Y Speaker, Millennial Expert, LinkedIn Spokesperson, Career ExpertI was struck by the last line of a recent article in BusinessWeek about career strategies for a recession. The line comes from an executi…</div> <div>What Recruiters Look At During The 6 Seconds They Spend On Your ResumeAlthough we may never know why we didn’t get chosen for a job interview, a recent study is shedding some light on recruiters’ decision-ma…</div> <div>4 Easy Ways to Make Your Resume Stand Out in a Crowd | Corn on …Mar 8, 2012 … Kyle Henderick is a digital marketing specialist at Yesmail and a Managing Partner/Resume Consultant at Dream Resume LL…</div> <div>10 Ways to Change Your Daily Routine for Job Search Success …Mar 13, 2012 … Life at Bad Rhino has been insane the last couple weeks and we have a pretty big week with a client grand opening and …</div> <div>Working Remotely: Is It Right For You?5 hours ago … Here are some questions to ask yourself when you&amp;#39;re considering telework — along with tips to make it a more succe…</div> <div>5 Ways You Look Out-of-Date in Your Job Search – Job Search NewsFeb 12, 2011 … For most of us, a job search, fortunately, is NOT something we do often enough to be really proficient. So, when the t…</div>

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