Tech Writer This Week for February 23,2012

Tech Writer This Week looks primarily at technical communications topics, with a little content creation and curation thrown in for good measure. On top of a great number of useful, forward-thinking and trendy webinar topics, Intelligent Content Conference 2012 kicked off in Palm Springs, California, with lots of tweetable moments, and the potential to generate a great deal of discussion in the technical communications trenches.  A lot of focus on the growth of the technical communications field and its future has been taking place this week on great blogs such as Mark Baker’s Every Page is Page 1, where he’s thinking and writing about the segmentation of technical communications.

Here at TechWhirl, we’re wondering what tech writers would sacrifice in our weekly poll, and watching some fascinating discussions on the list about the cultural implications of lumping countries together for selection in UI (do users in those lumped countries resent the lumping? Inquiring minds want to know). We’ve included recent technical communications news to give you a nice, well-rounded chunk of technical communications goodness this week.  Enjoy!

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