Tech Writer This Week for May 2, 2013

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Tech Writer This Week for May 2  heads into some new territories, with a new topic area, and some controversy in our old standbys. First in the standbys is Technical Communication.

I’d venture a guess that most people think of technical writers as the quiet sort (I do my best to fly under the radar). But being quiet doesn’t mean we shy away from controversy. Allow me to invoke Ellis Pratt ( and his post regarding pole dancers and technical writers. Yes, pole dancers. Straying back more toward the mainstream, Sarah O’Keefe ( )reminds us that inexpensive writers can actually cost far more in the long run. Amen to that! And Bill Kerschbaum ( closes this section with an excellent observation on qualifying your content with users.

In User Experience, Danielle Arad ( introduces us to the top five spring UX articles and shares three user experience branding tips . Bo Amidor ( fills us in on magical user experience buttons.

Content Strategy & Curation focuses on the explosion in tools and systems for curation, Not Will Smith ( teaches us how to build a content curation system in just three steps. Chris Lentzy ( shares four content curation tools worth trying. Simon Geraghty ( reviews three content curation tools — and one of them is Feedly. On the strategy side, Veronica Maria Jarski (MarketingProfs) introduces a slideshare on teaching organizations to incorporate content strategy and content marketing.

Our new section looks at Customer Experience Management, a growing field that intersects with content management and technical communication in a myriad of ways. First, Jennifer LeClaire ( defines three key concepts- CEM, Customer Lifetime Value, and Voice of the Customer. Then Steen Anderssen ( uncovers links leading from responsive design to omni-channel delivery.

In Career and Life, Hannah Morgan ( shares tips for shy job seekers. Tom L ( talks about why keeping a good writer is worth a fortune. And Sue Marquette Poremba ( gives us hints on how to erase your data from an old computer or mobile phone.

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Craig Cardimon

Craig Cardimon wears many hats and loves all of them -- technical communicator, content curator, and freelance copywriter. In his not-so-copious spare time, he reads, writes, runs on the local trail, and watches way too much "retro" TV.

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