Tech Writer This Week for May 23, 2013

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Tech Writer This Week for May 23

As a technical writer, I take most jobs that come my way, as long as they enrich my career path. One such task that I sought out and volunteered for involved marketing communications (marcom). I enjoy working in technical communication, so why not stretch my skills a bit for marcom? There must be more to this than I thought, because Sarah O’Keefe ( is hosting a webcast on the Cold War between techcomm and marcom.  Attendance is free but registration is required. I signed up because a good writer should be able to tackle any kind of writing.

Elsewhere in Technical Communications, Bill Kerschaum ( shares a great cheat sheet chock full of false phrases and style slip-ups. Mark Baker ( closes this section with a intriguing suggestion on how to do structured writing especially for the web.

In Content Strategy & Curation, Margot Bloomstein ( shares an excerpt from her book, “Content Strategy at Work,” discussing how companies prioritize their content initiatives. Tatiania Liubarets ( lists 15 facts about content curation. Ron VanPeursem ( discusses five definitions of content curation, courtesy of Nathan Weller, that I hadn’t read before. Sara Wachter-Boettcher ( recaps a slideshow on how to design around existing content. And we close out with Susan Silver’s ( approach to content strategy research, using a funnel analogy.

To kick off User Experience, the UX Magazine Staff, Christopher Noessel, and Nathan Shedroff ( tell us what interaction design can learn from Star Trek. Nick Switzer ( shows us how to create a better user experience. Joseph Dickerson ( reveals the greatest secrets of UX, some of which were a surprise to me. Bo Amidor ( closes this section by giving us three UX objectives to consider.

In Customer Experience Management, Jeff Hora ( explores the concept of a customer pilgrimage, rather than a customer journey. Then Sarah Reedy ( points out that support techs are the face of the company, and Mac Wheeler ( gets inspired about the customer experience maturity model.

Career and Life offers nifty tricks of telling if you should use “its” or “it’s,” courtesy of Techritesolutions ( Rhonda Bracey ( shares a writing tip regarding “that” versus “which.” The archives of “Corrigo” (, the newsletter of the STC’s Technical Editing Special Interest Group, are now available online. This what nerds like me do on Sunday afternoons! Writing Assistance ( closes this section with commentary on taking risks as a writer.

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