Tech Writer This Week for March 20, 2014

Nothing but open road ahead

Nothing but open road ahead

In this edition of Tech Writer This Week we’re talking about freedom. Whether it’s getting away from an oppressive contract, employer or work approach—freedom comes in a lot of forms. For instance, yesterday we chatted with the folks from easyDITA and Jacquie Samuels about DITA about how this data architecture can help free writers from worrying about content and rewriting materials over … and … over … again.

Freedom can also come in finding a new job, learning new skills and becoming a better professional and that’s what TechWhirl, and that’s what this little piece is all about. We’ve cruised down many roads to find some of the best articles for you and packaged them up in a cherry edition ready for you to drive.

Here’s a few while the engine is warming up:

While we’re off the pick up some Coors from this warehouse in Texarkana, you can enjoy this edition of Tech Writer This Week.


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