TechWhirl: Technical Communication Recap for June 13, 2014

technical communication recapWhat’s the opposite of being triskaidekaphobic? (Before admonishing me to look it up, doesn’t show any antonyms… or synonyms for that matter.)  Anyway, whatever it might be, I’m that. My birthday falls on the 13th, so I tend to think of Friday the 13th as something to be embraced rather than feared. Heck, I turned 40 on Friday the 13th in Y2K, and we didn’t have anything remotely resembling the Apocalypse, so it’s all good.

If you are a bit phobic about Friday the 13th, then perhaps you need to stay indoors today to catch up on all the really fascinating debate (like tech comm as craft or commodity) and read about what’s happening in tech comm, content strategy and customer experience management here on TechWhirl. Or be like me, stay in for a little while to catch up, then go forth and be triskaidekafanatical. Hah! There you go, a new word to throw around. Hash tag that quick!

Have a great weekend!

-Connie and the gang at TechWhirl

Home is Where the ...

Home is Where the …

Tech Writer This Week for June 12, 2014

TechWhirl’s Weekly Roundup of the best Technical Communication, Customer Experience and Content Strategy articles on the web.

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Users’ Advocate: Nobody Reads Documentation

The problem is, people really don’t read the documentation. That is, they do not sit down in a comfortable chair with a cup of coffee and set out to read manuals from cover to cover. People read novels. They don’t read documentation.

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Intro to DITA: TechWhirl Fast 5 Roundtable

What happens when three DITA experts get together to talk about DITA to people who are new to the subject? They start talking in limericks. Patrick Bosek and Stephen Morse (from easyDITA), and Jacquie Samuels had frank and friendly video discussion about DITA with an eye towards the DITA newbie.

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Tech Comm as Craft or Commodity (poll)

Are we really moving to “commodified writing” for technical information, or does effective content require a master of the craft of technical communication? Time for a vote and some more debate

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