TechWhirl: Technical Communication Recap for March 14, 2014

technical communication recapConferences, STC elections, various tech comm tool releases, job rankings and the occasional oddball technical glitch make for a pretty busy week.  Al, Jill Parman and I each put together some thoughts on our experiences at Intelligent Content Conference 2014. And check out the video Jill put together to with some photographic highlights. The STC elections have begun, and the two candidates for Vice President, Bernard Aschwanden and Paul Mueller, have staked out their positions in interviews.

In the meantime, Whirlers on the email discussion list have made up for the January/February downtime this week with a surprisingly long list of threads you might want to check out, including a couple on how the Tech Writer job ranks on a couple of different scales, and requests and recommendations regarding a whole bunch of tools available to the discriminating technical communicator. Get in on the action by registering for the forum or subscribing to the email list. Don’t forget to check out the archives for a little historical perspective on it all.

Remember, TechWhirl is hosting a Fast 5 webinar on DITA (including panelists from our sponsor easyDITA) on Wednesday, March 19. Get the basics, ask some questions (use the Twitter hashtag #TWFast5) and learn more about why DITA is top of mind to the tech comm community.

Happy Pi Day, and have a great weekend,

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Tech Writer This Week for March 13, 2014

The best technical communications, content strategy and customer experience management articles from around the web.


STC Elections 2014: Interview with VP Candidate Bernard Aschwanden

Our interview with Bernard Aschwanden, 2014 STC VP Candidate – learn more about him, his views on the profession, the future of the STC and what he’d do if elected.


STC Elections 2014: Interview with VP Candidate Paul Mueller

My goal is to work with the Board, Executive Director, and STC staff to make STC be the organization known for helping everyone design, develop, and deliver quality content. As we work toward this goal, I will help identify new ways to achieve financial stability and to establish strong partnerships with companies and related organizations.

Breaking down Silos

Breaking down Silos

ICC2014 Observation: Too Many Communication Silos

Al Martine’s Observations on ICC2014: The Silos Communicators are in are hurting their Careers and their Companies.


Musings from ICC 2014: It’s Not a Sprint, It’s a Marathon

When you decide to attend a conference like Intelligent Content Conference, jam packed with learning and networking, you’d best have your running shoes on, and all your water stops planned out in advance.


Think Big, Start Small, and Break Down Content Barriers [ICC2014 Video]

The Intelligent Content Conference 2014 succeeded with all three goals: thinking big, starting small, and breaking down content barriers. Great keynotes, sessions covering a variety of topics and industries, networking opportunities, a Candid Camera prank, a visit to the Computer History Museum, and a consultants’ focus group.


ICC Observations: Collaborating, Publishing Online, and Using Metrics Successfully

Day 1 of the 2014 Intelligent Content Conference (Thursday, February 27) in San Jose, kicked off with a warm and humorous welcome message from the organizers, Scott Abel and Ann Rockley. Themes that emerged during the day dealt with collaboration, online publishing, and using metrics successfully.

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