TechWhirl Launches DITA Portal, Sponsored by easyDITA

Tech Writer This WeekThe team at TechWhirl announced the launch of the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) Portal on May 12, 2014. Underwritten by easyDITA™, the DITA Portal serves as a resource for informative articles, best practices, terminology definitions, tools selection advice, and implementation tips.

DITA was first introduced by IBM in 2001 as an extensible markup language (XML) data model to support structured authoring and publishing. As companies search for ways to streamline information development and publishing, and as DITA’s popularity grows, more content developers, managers, and top-level executives need to harness the experience of DITA authoring and publishing experts.

TechWhirl’s DITA expert, Jacquie Samuels, consultant at Publishing Smarter, explains that “DITA is not a particular tool, template, or style, but an architecture that helps separate content from formatting.” This separation removes the need for information developers to individually format each content piece based on company style sheets; allows for content reuse; and makes it easier to publish quality content for multiple screen sizes and various devices, to create consistent customer experiences.

Within the DITA Portal, readers will learn about DITA; how to determine if DITA is the right approach; how to develop skills to succeed in structured authoring; and viable alternatives to DITA. Several DITA articles have already been published and many more are in the works. Articles include the following:

All DITA Portal information is free and accessible online. “We look forward to growing the TechWhirl DITA portal as the go-to spot for information and emerging trends on this important communications area,” said Connie Giordano, Editor. “Readers can comment, ask questions, and suggest their own article ideas, and actively participate in this growing community.”

easyDITA logo150.fweasyDITA™, underwriter for the TechWhirl effort, provides a completely web-based solution for managing content authoring, publishing, management, and product for DITA-based solutions. Patrick Bosek is the co-founder of Josek, LLC, “We’re thrilled to be working with the folks at TechWhirl on this project. We’re passionate about using open information standards like DITA to improve the way the world communicates. Content authors in many industries have a lot of questions about DITA and this portal will go a long way toward answering them.”

TechWhirl is a leader in the publishing and sharing of information, networking, and knowledge for technical communicators and content professionals. Along with the DITA Portal, the company has also launched several other successful portals focusing on Technical Writing, Technical Communication, Publishing — Content Production, Localization, Content Structure and Authoring, and Content Management Systems.

Currently, TechWhirl’s community includes the original technical writing email discussion list of around 3,000 members, over 1200 social media followers, and forums connected to the magazine and research portals, publishes between three and five new original articles per week and averages 1,000 visitors a day.

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