TechWhirl: Technical Communication Recap for April 4, 2014

technical communication recapApril Fools’ Day is the most important “holiday” we celebrate here at TechWhirl, for some very key reasons:

  • It proves that technical communicators (and tech comm vendors) “get” funny—we really do have a sense of humor.
  • It provides some nice stress relief (at least for one day) from dealing with SMEs, developers, project managers and others who may not “get” tech comm.
  • It’s the anniversary of the day Al and I officially took over TechWhirl.

During the week leading up to April Fools’ Day, we spent at least as much time laughing at all the great pieces created by our partners and our writers, as getting them set up to publish. When work is fun, all is well…. In other words it was a good week.

We also covered a new event, a virtual unconference known as YouComm 2014, via social media and a Storify curation.

Whirlers managed to find time to dive into more serious topics—check out the discussions on less-than-perfect Agile documentation and survey of how far tech writers go through search results. Feel free to participate, in fact we strongly encourage it, since there are knowledgeable, earnest, curious and funny folks there just waiting for the chance to talk tech comm.  Register for the forum or subscribe to the email list. Don’t forget to check out the archives for a little historical perspective.

Have a great weekend!

-Connie and the gang at TechWhirl

Why So Serious?

Why So Serious?

Tech Writer This Week for April 3, 2014

In this edition of Tech Writer This Week, we celebrate our third full year of new ownership, one of our favorite days and of course some of the best technical communication, customer experience and content strategy articles from around the web

 Samaland DITA XREF Manager

Product Review: Samalander DITA XREF Manager Fills A DITA Tools Void

Up to now there’s been a great dearth of tools that leverage DITA to the maximum. Even CCMS vendors are falling down on the job a bit, often limiting themselves to being the storage solution and little more. But now (I’m so excited), there is a company that is filling this void: Samalander.

 Adobe FrameMaker XML Author 12

Tips and Tricks: FrameMaker 12 Features Every Author Can Use

Users of Adobe FrameMaker may not know about the newest FrameMaker 12 features Adobe has added to help you make your technical content more useful and accessible to your audiences. Bernard Aschwanden provides some tips and tricks to get started.

April Fools’ 2014

 techcommgeekmom _web

TechComm News: TechCommGeekMom Closing Down Blog

Earlier this afternoon, the very popular blogger Danielle M. Villegas AKA “techcommgeekmom” announced she will be shutting down her blog to pursue other interests.

 Acrolinx content optimization

Acrolinx Adds New Voice Measurement to Its Metrics Dashboard

Acrolinx is excited to announce a new Voice measurement: Surfer. We know that you want to measure how readable your content is. But what about how well it communicates to a particular audience? How can you support the surfers and the beach bums reading your online help content while they catch some rays at the beach?


Neuro-linguistic Programming Breakthrough Powers ClickHelp Upcoming Release

ClickHelp Software announced earlier today a groundbreaking study in neuro-linguistic programming. The new algorithm will be the basis of their new ClickHelp NLP release later this month.


Study: Women Technical Writers Earn Fewer Peanuts Than Men

Despite evidence of progress towards equality in the workplace, a recent study conducted by the federal government confirmed that there are still significant gaps between male and female technical writers that have yet to be bridged.


Doc-To-Help Unveils Thought-Enabled User Assistance

Doc-To-Help has produced another groundbreaking achievement in user assistance. Using what is being referred to as a Responsive Thought Forecasting Matrix, they have boldly stepped into the next frontier of documentation for software applications.

 easyDITA logo150.fw

EasyDITA: New Version Supports Twerking

easyDITA announced today that the recent release of its DITA CMS software includes support for the DITA 2.0 element.

 Adobe Systems

Adobe is Truly the New ‘Frame’Maker

Adobe Systems Inc. today, announced its new, first-ever non-software venture. The company has decided to diversify into hardware. Leading the charge will be Adobe’s FrameMaker software division with its new ‘Frame’ collection.

 DITA-Darwin Information Typing Architecture

Controversial New DITA Element Set For 2.0 Release

The DITA 2.0 major version represents an opportunity for major architectural revisions to the DITA standard. Numerous internal improvements are not directly visible to end users, but the hotly debated and contested element is.

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