TechWhirl: Technical Communication Recap for March 21, 2014

technical communication recapSpring, that time when everything seems fresh and new. Its arrival this week helped us get into the mindset, and we took full advantage by providing some fresh and new information on DITA, especially for those who aren’t immersed in it already.  Jacquie Samuels’ DITA terms, and a Fast 5 video chat with Jacquie and the folks at easyDITA, which provided a great introduction to Darwin Information Typing Architecture, anchored our week.

We also have a fresh new poll question out there on quality, and the challenges of measuring it for content producers. Conversations continue on the TechWhirl email discussion list, some new, some evergreen. The number of releases tech writers support each year is a particularly revealing discussion that’s worth a few minutes of your time. Get in on the action by registering for the forum or subscribing to the email list. Don’t forget to check out the archives for a little historical perspective on it all.

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Nothing but open road ahead

Nothing but open road ahead

Tech Writer This Week for March 20, 2014

Open road and the best articles on Technical Communication and Customer Experience Management from around the web.

 gold standard (image source:

Quality Factors for Technical Content (poll)

In content management and tech comm circles, we talk a great deal about quality–of writing or content creation, and outputs–but we have a hard time defining it, much less measuring it. Customers recognize quality, and a lack of it, and respond with their wallets, so quality matters to the folks in the corner offices.

 DITA-Darwin Information Typing Architecture

DITA Terms and Their Plain Language Meanings

DITA is often seen by technical communicators as hard to understand, which may be due to unfamiliarity with the terms. This chart of DITA terms can help you make sense of DITA, whether you’re brand new to the area, or a veteran.


The Power of Social Sharing at ICC 2014

At Intelligent Content Conference 2014, I found myself glued to the clever Twitter posts with links to related content that so many attendees and presenters were sharing. Here’s a collection of the fun in photos and videos, plus links to others’ posts that reiterate the connections we all made with the material and each other.

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