Usability Sciences Launches Omni-Channel Research Methodology

usability sciences_logoUsability Sciences Corporation (USC), a pioneer in usability and user experience research, announced the official launch of its new Omni-Channel research solution to assist clients in providing a seamless user experience across all channels.

The new Omni-Channel research solution obtains customer feedback across a brand’s multiple touch points, including web, mobile, social media, brick-and-mortar and others. A highly customized solution, it combines lab, online and field-based research activities to gather context-specific customer feedback, as well as highly focused reviews of websites and applications across desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.

“Research has shown us customers expect all channels to be connected and available, wherever and whenever they want. We’re seeing that companies who provide these seamless experiences yield higher satisfaction and retain more than twice as many customers as those companies that don’t,” said Jason Vasilas, senior user experience strategist and creator of the USC’s Omni-Channel research solution. “With this shift in consumer expectations, we developed our Omni-Channel solution to help companies provide the best possible experience as users move across multiple channels in their customer journey with a brand.”

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