Vasont® Content Management System (CMS) Integrates with oXygen® XML Editor

Vasont Systems, a top provider of component content management solutions and data services, announced the availability of its integrations between the Vasont® Content Management System (CMS) and Vasont WebLNX® products with Syncro Soft’s oXygen® XML Editor. Syncro Soft Ltd. provides software for XML technologies and single source publishing.

The Vasont CMS integrates tightly with oXygen through its Vasont Universal Integrator (VUI) Extension for both perpetual license and SaaS (software as a service) models. Designed so that it is easy for non-technical writers to initiate and use, the VUI Extensions integrate the Vasont Content Management System’s solid functionality with leading XML editing tools. The VUI unifies and streamlines the writing and publishing process by providing an editorial interface so that authors and editors can access the Vasont CMS’s functionality from the main menu of their favorite authoring tools. Using the oXygen VUI extension, users can access their workflow tasks from the Vasont CMS to get their assignments through the oXygen interface. They can easily search for textual or multimedia content in the Vasont CMS and reuse it in documents that are edited in oXygen. Users can also retrieve templates from the Vasont CMS to create new documents in a consistent format. Once editing is completed, the content can be loaded back into the Vasont CMS in one step for further management of reuse, audit trails, translation and publishing.

In addition, oXygen is integrated with Vasont WebLNX, an easy-to-use website for contributors to make content submissions and review previously submitted content. Vasont WebLNX makes working with structured content simple for writers who are not familiar with XML. As a Web-based product, it also provides a collaborative, convenient environment for working with contributors and subject matter experts located around the world while keeping projects on schedule.

“By strengthening the ties between Vasont and oXygen, we’ve made the editorial process much smoother and more user-friendly for our mutual clients,” said Richard Schiding, President of Vasont Systems. “Through our extension, we are pleased to complement the editorial process with Vasont’s strong component content management capabilities.”

“For Syncro Soft, it is imperative to build strong relationships with the most relevant technology providers in the content management industry. The integration of oXygen XML Editor with the Vasont CMS and Vasont WebLNX offers an efficient and powerful solution for our enterprise users,” says Stefan Vasile, CEO, Syncro Soft.

Visit the Vasont Systems website, Syncro Soft’s oXygen XML Editor website, or read the full press release.

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