Xeditor 2.7 Offers XML Preview, Support for DITA Specializations

xeditor-logoAppsoft Technologies announced the newest release of its Xeditor authoring tool, which automates DITA specializations and includes improved usability and document design. Furthermore, Xeditor 2.7 includes an XML preview and updated folder structure.

The new DITA release supports the automation of DITA specializations such as company-specific items, topics and attributes. They can be used without modification in the editor and do not need to be configured.

The new release improves usability by optimizing the toolbar elements on the Xeditor user interface to correspond to typical user behavior. Frequently used commands can now be accessed with fewer steps. The new document design has a more readable font and user-friendly colors. In addition, the distances are optimized and unified between the lines.

The new XML preview allows users to see the underlying XML as a read-only window parallel to the WYSIWYG editor. As the user makes changes in the editor, the XML preview updates in real-time. Users will find this particularly useful for editing and authoring complex documents.

The updated folder structure makes it easier to integrate, extend, and customize Xeditor. With new custom folders for CSS and JavaScript files, anyone can create a new style or toolbar with a few simple lines of code.

Authors can test new Xeditor 2.7 in the live demo on the website.

Xeditor, the web-based WYSIWYG editor, allows authors to create and edit XML documents intuitively without any technical knowledge. Xeditor effortlessly integrates into other pre-existing systems (CMS, PIM, etc.) and is fully customizable, including support for DITA 1.2.