Xyleme LCMS Integrates with Acrolinx

xyleme-logoXyleme and Acrolinx announced that the two companies have integrated their software. Organizations that use Xyleme can now use Acrolinx to optimize their content directly within Xyleme LCMS (Learning Content Management System).

Acrolinx content optimizationXyleme LCMS allows organizations the ability to author, manage, publish, and deploy learning content across all print, online and mobile formats. The combination of Acrolinx and Xyleme’s single-source approach ensures granular content is consistent and compliant across output formats.

“The ability to integrate the content structure and control provided by Xyleme with the quality assurance and standardization afforded by Acrolinx is what we need to maintain a steady development pace without sacrificing quality or consistency,” commented Gary Scott, Content Development Manager at Esri.

“Our customers want to deliver training content that their audiences can quickly understand,” explained Monica Kraft, Director of Product Marketing at Xyleme. “However, during the content development process, problems can arise that reduce comprehension. For example jargon, inconsistent terminology, and overly complicated phrasing can all contribute to confusion and misunderstanding. Multiple customers indicated they wanted to use Acrolinx to alleviate these problems, and now they can!”

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