Ashley Brown

Ashley Full Stop Brown hates it when people run her names together. She edits all the things at Edits, Full Stop and creates jewelry for Woodvine Design, in addition to her responsibilities as a full-time Professional Writing and Computer Science student at the University of Memphis. She is currently searching for a summer internship. You want to hire her. When she is not doing homework, polishing documents until they shine, wrapping various objects in wire, or wrangling her adorable toddler, she is likely to be found with a book and a glass of wine on her porch in Memphis, Tennessee.


Session Summary: Reworking Existing User Assistance (UA) for iOS Apps

Everything in mobile, says Myles Pflum of Filemaker, is NEW! It’s a new paradigm with a new experience, and users have new expectations. With mobile applications come fast release cycles and limited real estate for your user assistance text. With all mobile’s challenges, though, come many opportunities to reach new audiences. Continue reading ...


Session Summary: Using Adobe Captivate to Enhance Your eLearning and Help Files

Joe Ganci of Dazzletech knows the importance of capturing a user’s attention, especially when writing help that affects a user’s safety. Joe holds a degree in Computer Science and is a published author, having written several books, research papers and many articles about eLearning. He is widely considered a guru for his expertise in eLearning development and teaches classes and seminars at commercial companies, government facilities, leading universities and at many industry conferences, where he has often served as keynote speaker. At his WritersUA session on enhancing eLearning and Help with Captivate, Joe showed us some great effects in Adobe Captivate that can be used to hook the user and transmit information more effectively. Continue reading ...


Session Summary: Using Neuroscience Research for Better Knowledge Transfer

Dr. Kevin C. Moore presented a session at WritersUA that delves into recent research in neuroscience and its application to user assistance--because some of it focuses on the way knowledge is transferred between parties. Specifically, humans’ brains create schemas which we use to solve problems. Fear and even physiological discomfort can occur when we must change the schema we use, but neuroscience can help us mitigate these reactions. Continue reading ...


Session Summary: Getting Started with User Assistance (UA) for Mobile Applications

Effective mobile user assistance (UA) requires a shift from traditional UA thinking, and according to Joe Welinske, that shift includes a focus on usability, word choice and a bit of zen. Welinske's session on getting started with mobile UA, delivered at WritersUA, provided great foundational guidance on what to consider in planning, designing and building mobile UA. He gave us an example of a company he’d worked with that used a payroll iOS app to accomplish their individual users' very specific time tracking goals. Continue reading ...