Chris is an independent business education and management consultant. He spent nearly a decade in IT consulting with Atos as a training developer, technical architect, and team leader in a business education and rapid e-learning environment. Before leaving Atos, he spent two years as a service delivery and resource manager, managing a team of e-learning developers in a training development program for Procter & Gamble (P&G) and a staff augmentation team working at multiple client sites within P&G.

He earned a Bachelor of Computer Science degree from the University of Cincinnati and a Master of Technical and Scientific Communication degree from Miami University.

He guest spoke for the SWO STC covering the topic of client management in an e-learning project/program and acted as presenter/session facilitator for several years with the INTERAlliance of Greater Cincinnati.

He currently resides in the greater Cincinnati area with his family. Outside of work, he is often seen sporting tech shirts, chasing his kids around the soccer field, and watching American Ninja Warrior.

You can find him on Linkedin and Twitter.


Content Developer’s Intro to Business Process Management

You’ve spent months, maybe years creating content for your organization. In that time, you’ve learned the ins and outs of your organization’s processes, discovered the strengths, and identified the weaknesses. That presents an opportunity for you and for your employer. Whether by choice or by necessity, it’s time to take your process knowledge and present […] Continue reading ...


4 Steps to Organizing Corporate Communication as eLearning

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Chocolate candies in box

Delivering eLearning in Bite-sized Chunks

Remember the email you sent your team regarding the change to the time entry system? That was a form of eLearning. How about the text message you sent your lead sales rep regarding the customer’s requirement for a signature at the delivery dock, or your call to the new intern about proper use of his security badge? They’re both eLearning too. Continue reading ...