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Persona Template (for Design, Support, & Marketing)

As companies grapple with building and maintaining brand, and achieving sales and customer satisfaction objectives, they need to understand the key segments of their current and prospective customer bases. They user a persona template to collect the data and formulate a picture of a real customer or user to drive their design or messaging decisions. Continue reading ...

Adobe Technical Communication Suite (2017 release)

Adobe TCS 2017 Content Tools & the Customer Experience: A Fast 5 Interview with Stefan Gentz

As the global evangelist for the Adobe Technical Communications Suite, Stefan Gentz talks with a lot of content professionals working with companies large and small in every part of the world. He recently sat down with TechWhirl for a Fast 5 interview to discuss how user experience (for authors and producers) and customer experience informed […] Continue reading ...

adventures in the alt-doc universe. Knight photo by Niall Gallagher on

The Alt-doc: Unconventional Docs and Users

Frankly, the workday isn’t always so majestic and the goals and motivations not always so clear cut. Sometimes I have to apply some creativity in my role as users’ advocate and create content for unconventional users whose definition of success is even less conventional--an alt-doc universe. Continue reading ...