Phil Davis is Manager, Technical Writing at Integral Development Corp. in Palo Alto, California. He has worked for 20 years to bridge the gap between user intent and user success with technical communication. Phil has written about hardware and software, managed a team, and created a full range of content from user guides and help systems to API doc in multiple programming languages and messaging technologies. His ongoing passions are lean documentation and process automation. Phil lives in Silicon Valley with his wife and two kids.

adventures in the alt-doc universe. Knight photo by Niall Gallagher on

The Alt-doc: Unconventional Docs and Users

Frankly, the workday isn’t always so majestic and the goals and motivations not always so clear cut. Sometimes I have to apply some creativity in my role as users’ advocate and create content for unconventional users whose definition of success is even less conventional--an alt-doc universe. Continue reading ...