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TechWhirl is a full service organization dedicated to helping the world explore and understand content management and communications. We do this by providing high-value content that helps both the general public and professional business communicators learn about new ideas, conduct research or develop new skills.

Why Advertise on TechWhirl?

With both great content and a growing audience, TechWhirl provides a great environment to promote products and services. We combine this environment with an obsession with creating a great reader experience, using search engine optimization and an easy-to-navigate user interface  to ensure your advertising and content marketing is findable by a growing number of interested people—your prospects.

Some Highlights:

  • The typical TechWhirler has between 12 and 20 years’ experience in writing, editing, and document design.
  • Majority of readers and email discussion group hold mid- to senior-leadership management positions.
  • Only free trade magazine and news source for technical communicators on the Internet
  • Limited sponsorship and advertising model, including the industry’s first “Sponsored Posts” capability, provides higher than online average cut-through and click-through-rates.


We offer four promotional options for your company:  Display Advertising, Sponsored Posts and Content Underwriting / Sponsorships. This balanced mix of options can help build awareness and understanding of your products and services.

Other Types of Partnerships and Event Coverage

Do you have an upcoming event or marketing opportunity?  We love create ways to help our readers learn about products so please contact us to share your ideas. (We’re the company of YES).

Contact our Sales Director, Al Martine to discuss your upcoming event or marketing activities or if you have a question on any of our sponsorship or advertising options.

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