Working Together

We want you to think of TechWhirl as a partner to your marketing department: whether it is as a marketing tool through our advertising, or as a member of the marketing team through our Content Services.  Partnerships are based on trust and information sharing, as well as clear and honest communications. You can expect us to provide all of these things during our relationship.

The list below covers some questions that we anticipate you’ll have on pricing and billing, authoring, confidentiality and publishing on TechWhirl.


Everything except our 500 – 800 word press release service is priced as a custom quote after learning about the scope of the work. For example, a small series of “Tips and Tricks” will take far fewer hours than a groundbreaking White Paper outlining best practices when consolidating communications departments, and the work effort is price accordingly.

We organize a one-hour consultation to learn about your project, gather requirements and provide a quote for services. back to top


This depends on the on the size of the work, but for large projects we bill in thirds, upfront, at the project midpoint, and upon final delivery. back to top

Authoring: Ghost Writing versus Named Author

We anticipate 99% of the work we create to be ghostwritten for the company. We’ll do our best to find “named” authors if that is needed but we make no promises. back to top


We require signing of mutual non-disclosure agreements (NDA) before commencing any work. back to top

Publishing on TechWhirl

Publishing content on TechWhirl is the work of the editorial staff of TechWhirl.Com and is a separate discussion from us producing great content on behalf of your company. The decision to publish or not publish on occurs only after the final pieces have been created and approved. back to top

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