TechWhirl, or as it was known in 1993, TECHWR-L (tech writer list), was started by Eric Ray at Oklahoma State University (OS).  Eric had grown tired of working as a “lone” tech writer and wanted to connect with others in the industry.  Utilizing a relatively new technology of email discussion lists, Eric was able to obtain permission from OSU and start TECHWR-L.  At its peak, TECHWR-L, or TechWhirl as members started to call it (with its members called TechWhirlers), was over 12,000 members.

TechWhirl added a website (TECHWR-L.COM) in 1999.  The website provided articles and information that complimented TECHWR-L’s email discussion list and email archives.  Eric and Deborah Ray operated TECHWR-L until the spring of 2011, when then sold to INKtopia, Limited.

Co-owners of INKtopia, Limited, Connie Giordano and Al Martine, renamed the company from TECHWR-L to TechWhirl and started publishing new content in May 2011.  Later that year, TechWhirl.Com was redesigned, the jobs board was launched and the archives were redesigned.

As of today, TechWhirl’s email discussion list has around 3,000 members, over 1000 social media followers, and the magazine, which publishes weekly.

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