TechWhirl’s Advertising and Partnership Philosophy

TechWhirl’s mission is to help people explore and understand the world of content management and technical communication. They cannot do this properly without learning about the technologies and services that exist within the industry. To this end, we see the advertising and content marketing we provide as a way to match the interests of our readers to the interests of our advertisers.

We refer to advertisers and those who work with as “partners,” and strive always to treat you as a partner, because it’s the only way we can provide an outstanding service to you, and our readers. It’s also how we prefer to do business. We like this industry and everything that it entails. Frankly, if we could provide ad-free content and still pay the bills to keep it all running, we would. But as long as we have advertising partners, we’ll treat them with the same care as our readers and writers.

At TechWhirl, we consciously choose creativity and finding the right solution that fits the partner, rather than leaving advertisers with a one-size-fits-all, put-your-flashing-ad-in-the-corner-and-go-away philosophy. We know creativity isn’t our exclusive domain, so please reach out with your ideas and we’ll do our best to find a way to make them work.

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