INKtopia Limited owns and operates three online properties: TechWhirl, TechWhirl Jobs, and TechWhirl Email Archives.  All of these properties are dedicated to providing clear and concise information to business and technical communicators, and those interested in learning about the content industry.


Think of the magazine side of as NPR’s Morning Edition meets Pirate Radio. Our tech comm, content management and customer experience management features and columns cover the full ecosystem of technical communications and organizational content—planning and analysis, design, user experience, content strategy, knowledge management, production and evaluation—in the full range of online and traditional media across a wide array of industries. TechWhirl draws from the best thought leaders and communicators in the industry to deliver columns on a wide range of topics from diverse perspectives. Our aim is to provide both interesting content for the day and the best resource for keeping up with trends and issues that matter to content professionals. Read more about TechWhirl Magazine >>

Research Portals

The TechWhirl Portals provide clear and unbiased information on the content creation industry to assist people in their decision making process as well as a good resource for writers to reference when  needed.  To help people understand the concepts and processes of this complex field, the Portals offer foundational articles, how-to guides, templates and samples, and decision support tools, together under a set of portal categories that cross industries, roles and experience levels. Research Portal content has a remarkably long “shelf life” with information that content professionals refer to again and again.

TECHWR-L Email Discussion List

The TECHWR-L Email Discussion List originated in 1993 and engages more than 3,000 technical communicators who ask, answer, argue, discover, defend, and lurk on topics that matter most to technical writers and content developers across the business landscape.

TechWhirlers benefit from an open, 24/7 resource not hindered by company firewalls or website policies so when they ask a question, they’re certain to get an answer.  The volume of posts and emails is brisk, and advertisers will find a click-through rate nothing short of remarkable via the daily premium email and individual message/digest advertising.

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Tech Comm Jobs

TechWhirl’s Tech Comm Jobs, the Job Board for technical communicator, is geared to put talented, qualified technical communications professionals of all experience levels together with the organizations who need them.  Tech Comm Jobs is built by technical communicators, managed by technical communicators, and will always be for technical communicators.

In our perfect world, every Technical Communicator is working in an exciting and interesting job. They are a great fit for the organization and are providing easy to understand information to those who use their content. Our board focuses on tech comm and related fields, so if you’re trying to find an engineer, developer or accountant, we wish you luck but this isn’t your place.  Learn more about TechWhirl’s Tech Comm Jobs Site >> | Submit a Job 

The TECHWR-L Archives

The TECHWR-L Archives date to the very first post to the Email Discussion List back in 1993, and can often answer questions before they’re ever asked on the community forums and email discussion list.  TechWhirlers average around 6 to 10 years of experience so there isn’t much they haven’t seen, and it’s recorded in the archives which number over 400,000 messages on all things technical writing. Support the 20,000 + visitors who use the TECWR-L archives to find an obscure reference, develop a great business case, troubleshoot a tool issue and research the history of this ever-changing field.  Learn more about TechWhirl’s Email Archives >>

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