Vision, Mission and Values


Our organization works to create a world that understands and embraces the power of great content effectively communicated. We want to liberate ideas from experts and put them in the hands of our visitors.


  • Define, defend, and develop the content management, and business / technical communications industries.
  • Deliver clear and concise information that helps our guests—content professionals, managers and purchasers, and students— better understand both communication techniques and the nature of content: how to create it, how to manage it and how to publish it.
  • Provide an interactive and vibrant community for business and technical communicators to learn, share and grow as professionals.
  • Nurture an outstanding community for writers and authors who want to contribute to technical communication and content development industries.
  • Deliver unmatched, premium value to our partners and advertisers.
  • Disrupt the traditional consulting and business communications industries by providing information and tools to help non-experts become experts.


The INKtopia team values:

  • Clear and unambiguous communications
  • Balance and fairness in our work environment and products
  • Loyalty
  • Teamwork, collaboration and great work environments
  • Truth to power
  • Excellent visitor and customer experiences
  • Beauty and art in our products

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