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More Ways to Reach Communicators and Content Managers

All advertising on TechWhirl.Com also gets run of site on our other properties. Most advertisers receive over a million impressions a year from their ad runs. We’re proud to have click-thru-rates that are higher than the industry average.

Our ad model is also different for two reasons. First, we offer only a limited number of ads on any page. Second, we allow advertisers the opportunity to promote their product to a specific topic.

This means that companies interested in reaching people who need translation software? Then we’ll run the ads on the translation posts and pages. Want to reach new technical writers? Then we’ll run ads on those posts and pages.

The ad areas are below, but you’ll really want to contact us so we can talk you through the options. It’s not high-pressure; it’s just more complex than getting $80 to run your ads in some deep-dark corner of our site where no one ever looks.

Display Advertising Options

Name Ad Unit Location
Sponsored Post Article of choice, hyperlink and logo Article appears on TechWhirl home page, new articles stream and News Site. Learn more about sponsored posts
Above the Fold 200 x 200 Near the top / above the fold on pages and posts of topics you choose.
125 x 125
Below the Fold (Content Ad) 125 x 125 Embedded in new content wall on Home Page and at the bottom of relevant articles on Magazine, News and Archives sites.

* TechWhirl also offers 468×60, 1125×60, 300×600 ad sizes. These are very limited and reserved for our largest partners. We offer only a limited amount of ads on any area of the site so please contact Al Martine to discuss availability and pricing.

Interested in advertising on TechWhirl? Contact us and we’ll arrange some time to talk.

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