Connie Giordano

Connie Giordano, a partner in INKtopia Limited, serves as Editor of TechWhirl's Tech Writer Today online magazine. She has been a list member and contributor since the days when 14,400 baud was high speed communications, and Windows 95 was state-of-the-art.

Connie serves at the Editor for TechWhirl's Tech Writer Today online magazine, as well as a frequent contributor. If you find a typo or an awkwardly worded sentence, flame her rather than Al or the SWU. She's also the list moderator, which means all those years fighting with her sisters growing up is finally paying off.

Connie attained a Master of Arts in Organizational Communication from Queens University, and actually started on the "dark side" with an undergraduate degree in Mass Communications/Advertising. She can change hats faster than a NASCAR driver at a press conference, switching between technical writer, knowledge manager, information designer, product manager, pubs manager, project communications lead, UI designer, communications consultant, and change management specialist, among others.

In addition to TechWhirl, Connie owns The Right Words and spends daylight hours doing change management, knowledge management and content management for really Big Financial Services companies, and a variety of really cool small businesses. Contact her at or LinkedIn.