Paligo’s Latest Release Provides an Inexpensive Collaborator License for Technical Writers and Documentation Contributors

Paligo Dashbooard

Solna, Sweden: Paligo, a software development company offering a cutting-edge authoring solution, has released an updated version of its software that enables customers to better author, manage, translate, and publish technical content in one collaborative space.

This set of updates enhances the team collaboration space. A new license type, Collaborator Plus, provides an editor or infrequent writer with a “light” and inexpensive user license, meaning the casual user can contribute easily to the technical documentation without having to learn anything about structured authoring or advanced reuse techniques (such as filtering or variables). Paligo then converts this content to the required structure for producing outputs such as html and PDF. “The collaboration space and the light user license lets engineers and subject matter experts provide feedback easily, while authors using Paligo speed up their documentation production process,” says CEO Anders Svensson.

“Paligo also added “quick sharing” of content with reviewers and contributors. This means that besides being able to create formal assignments, Authors can now also simply share entire publications with hundreds or thousands of topics, or any selected segment of such publications, like chapters or single topics. Authors and contributors can easily collaborate and communicate on content through tagging/mentions.”

Svensson adds, “Our latest release provides additional support and automatic publishing from Paligo to many languages in Salesforce (and other formats) all in one go.”

Paligo enables the import of OpenAPI (formerly Swagger) specifications to allow technical writers to use and integrate application programming interface (API) documentation that is automatically generated from code with powerful tools for content reuse.

More information about the Paligo software and company can be found at A free trial is available to download.

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