Dan Goldstein was born and raised in Ithaca, New York, known to its denizens as “ten square miles surrounded by reality.” In tenth grade, Sylvia Mintz taught him pretty much everything he knows about writing.

When Dan was 14 years old, his father suggested technical writing as a career, and Dan scoffed at the idea. 21 years later, after stints as (among other things) an infantryman in the IDF, an early childhood day care worker, a gas station attendant, and the director of personnel for a kibbutz, Dan realized that Dad was right all along. Neil Churgin taught Dan the nuts and bolts of tech writing, and they were soon running a thriving business together.

Since 2002, Dan has specialized in Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance for medical devices. He usually remembers not to blurt out, “Actually, this is just a complex and fascinating area of tech writing,” since not everyone realizes that this is a compliment.

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Turning Toast into Wheat: What Can You Reconstruct from a Manufacturing Record?

Now suppose that instead of interviewing people, you’re interviewing pieces of paper. Specifically, you’re trying to dig vital information out of manufacturing records to figure out whether or not a medical device was built correctly, usually thousands of miles away, possibly in a foreign country, probably weeks or even months ago. Continue reading ...