Fraser Hannah

Fraser Hannah is a lifelong devotee of the English language and has lived on both coasts of Canada but never in between. He reads, writes, and raises two young girls in Victoria, British Columbia, and believes fervently in the consistent use of the serial comma. He can be surfed at About.Me


New Look at Grammar Basics for Technical Writing

Of all the arguments technical writers enjoy having, few beat the ones about grammar for sheer vehemence of point of view. Grammatical arguments suffer from a problem of authority. one technical writer flourishes complex syntax categories with impressive names, while another points out the arbitrary rules of a revered style guide. There are still quite a few who refer to the authority of an impressive early teacher, and some of us who are forced to fall back on "I know what sounds right." Whether you’re on a technical writing team that serves up corporate style guides for lunch, or a lone writer trying to find consistency and clarity, perhaps it’s time to take a new look at how you approach grammar. Continue reading ...

Everything I Need to Know As a Technical Writer I Learned In High School

Not many of us started off here. Although it seems that the field has been growing steadily for twenty years, there haven’t historically been a lot of technical writing programs, and thus most technical writers began their professional lives as…something else. Of the technical writers I heard from, only four had been through a dedicated […] Continue reading ...