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Mark Baker helps organizations improve the impact of their content by focusing their design, writing, and production processes on producing content that matches the way people seek information on the Web today. He is the author of Every Page is Page One: Topic-based Writing for Technical Communication and the Web. He blogs at You can reach him through his company, Analecta Communications Inc.


The Single Sourcing Algorithm

This article is part 11 of 13 in the series Understanding and Mastering Structured WritingSingle sourcing was one of the earliest motivations for structured writing. However, the term single sourcing gets used to mean different things, all of which involve a single source in one way or another, but which use different approaches and achieve […] Continue reading ...

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Structured Writing: Writing in the Subject Domain

You can write a recipe in the document domain. However, there are specific constraints on the format of a recipe that this approach neither follows nor records. If we want to create different document structures for different media, recording our content in the subject domain gives us that flexibility. Continue reading ...

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Structured Writing: Backsliding into the Media Domain

Moving to the document domain can allow you to factor out many of your media domain constraints, creating greater consistency at less cost, as well as providing a range of automation and validation options for your content. But it is all too easy to authors to backslide into the media domain, undoing all of these benefits. Continue reading ...