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User Guide Template

Written by Connie Giordano on August 31, 2016

TechComm Summer Classic: The User Guide (aka User Manual) provides the information and instructions needed to set up and use a product. A User Guide includes written and visual information (such as diagrams or screen shots) to assist the user in completing tasks associated with the product (or service), organized along functional or workflow lines.

What is Structured Writing?

Written by Mark Baker on August 29, 2016
This article is part 1 of 12 in the series Understanding and Mastering Structured Writing

TechComm Summer Classic: the phrase “structured writing” seems to demand something in the way of definition, not because its meanings are obscure, but because they are so varied. This is a product of diversity of interests, not lack of definition. My definition is a declaration of my interests; no more.

Announcing the all-new XML Documentation Add-on for Adobe Experience Manager (sponsored post)

Written by Adobe on August 26, 2016

Join Adobe for their upcoming webinar on XML Documentation Add-on for Adobe Experience Manager

Business Requirements Document: BRD Template

Written by Connie Giordano on August 24, 2016

TechComm Summer Classic: The BRD synthesizes input from stakeholders and analysis of the current business situation to provide a technology-neutral description of what the product should do, rather than how it should do it.

Agile and Tech Comm: Writer Challenges in Agile and Traditional Development Teams

Written by Alyssa Fox on August 22, 2016

TechComm Summer Classics: Agile’s iterative nature and focus on the self-directed team support writers’ attempts to expand their roles on project teams, improve the quality of their deliverables, and avoid most of the end-of-release-cycle crunch that typically results from a traditional waterfall process. No matter if your employer has joined the agile movement, or if you still work in a 20th-century waterfall world, or some hybrid of the two, you can recognize and learn to rise to the challenges common to most development teams.

FAQ Template

Written by Rachel Houghton on August 15, 2016

TechComm Summer Classic: The FAQ (Frequently Asked/Answered Questions) delivers content to users/customers that addresses the most common information needs on using the products or services produced by the organization. Most often delivered via a website, the FAQ uses a Question and Answer format designed to be easily findable and quickly consumed.

Strategic Notes On Migrating Your Content Into a DITA CCMS

Written by Martin Edic on August 2, 2016

Unfortunately you can’t simply push a button and magically migrate everything. Complex factors like content types, formats, locations, and more, present challenges, and opportunities. Develop your content migration strategy with these key notes in mind.

The Help Files: How to Follow Up without Being All “Stalkery”

Written by Craig Cardimon on July 28, 2016

You’ve poured your soul into your resume and it’s a masterpiece. You’ve whisked the dust off your best interview clothes and slayed the hiring manager with your brilliance. And then…nothing. A great gaping maw of silence.

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