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Dammit, Siri, Just Fit the Table of Contents on One Page!

Written by Dan Goldstein on March 14, 2017

These tasks don’t require incisive editing or the creation of new content. They’re all just manipulations of existing text to make it best suit the reader’s needs – exactly the kind of thing your boss or editor might ask you to do.

From RoboWhat to RoboWow: A Tale of RoboHelp 2017

Written by Kevin Siegel, COTP, CTT on March 6, 2017

She was intrigued. Her company spent thousands of dollars each year printing those pesky manuals. With every dollar precious, saving money was a company mandate. Perhaps this RoboHelp thing might be worth something after all.

Should You Upgrade to Adobe FrameMaker 2017?

Written by Jang F.M. Graat on February 28, 2017

The Adobe FrameMaker (2017 release) gets high praise from expert users. Whether or not to upgrade depends on your current requirements, but for many, the new Project Manager feature alone will be worth the price.

LinkedIn Desktop Redesign: Time to Clean Up Your Act, er, Profile

Written by Craig Cardimon on February 27, 2017

In the latest edition of The Help Files, Craig Cardimon catches up on the buzz surrounding the LinkedIn UI update, along with ways to do your own update to your profile and catch some buzz of your own.

Content Strategy Template

Written by Connie Giordano on February 21, 2017

The content strategy template brings together key considerations for enterprise content that can support successful customer experiences and the achievement of organizational goals and objectives

Adobe FrameMaker Publishing Server: Create Once … Deliver Many, Many, Many

Written by Bernard Aschwanden on February 16, 2017

Let people consume using the tools they WANT to use. Of course, this means you need to deliver multiple formats for multiple products to multiple audiences on multiple platforms! Holy multi-multiples Batman! This is where Adobe FrameMaker Publishing Server (2017 release) steps in.

Manager’s Notebook: Lightning-Quick Productivity from New Employees

Written by Alyssa Fox on February 7, 2017

Put together a training schedule with the topics, trainers, and specific sub-topics to guide you through the new team member’s first several months on the job. Consider tools, processes, products, and teams as training areas for ramping up productivity.

TechWhirl First Look: Adobe Technical Communication Suite (2017 Release)

Written by Connie Giordano on January 31, 2017

If you create content for traditional print or PDF outputs, build out in-app assistance, or develop customer portals that bring together training, self-help and other content, the Adobe Technical Communications Suite (2017 release) merits much more than just a passing glance.

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