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Heroic Technical Writing offers More Than Heroics

Written by Craig Cardimon on May 29, 2018

The title “Heroic Technical Writing” and a picture of a true hero, Superman from the iconic 1978 movie, and a strong variety of writing-related topics combine to appeal to the inner geek in all of us, in Bart Leahy’s blog.

Create a Unified Voice with the Content Development Guide from easyDITA

Written by John Baker on May 7, 2018

To ensure that you maintain a unified company voice that aligns with your brand strategy, you should take advantage of the Content Development Guide, created by Jorsek (makers of easyDITA).

Blog Review: Docs by Design Blends Work and Life

Written by Craig Cardimon on May 4, 2018

Docs By Design gives you a plate of Bob Watson’s professional life and and a side dish of the personal. His posts focus on his own experiences in the world of API documentation and his experiments in coding.

Improve Your Writing: Test Yourself on Using PL and STE Concepts

Written by Erika Konrad on April 16, 2018

If you write for anyone other than yourself, PL and STE guidelines can help you to write clearly and succinctly for your audience. Take this brief quiz to see how.

Cherryleaf: Technical Authoring is Alive and Well across The Pond

Written by Craig Cardimon on April 9, 2018

Cherryleaf is a business hub for technical authoring in the UK. It is not meant as a stopover for someone based in America to read up enough to land a job as a technical writer.

Equip Yourself to Deal with the Hard Parts of Work You Love

Written by Phil Davis on April 2, 2018

Of course you’re going to enjoy a job you love to do, but never having to do any work ever in your entire life? Not likely. Anything worth loving involves some actual work, either to get or to keep it going.

How to Be an Amazing Tech Comm Job Applicant: Tips from a Tech Comm Hiring Manager

Written by Richard Rabil, Jr. on March 30, 2018

So what are the qualities that an amazing technical communication job applicant should exhibit? That was the burning question on my mind when I became an interim hiring manager a few years ago. Based on my experience, I’ve written some practical tips for how technical communication job seekers can shine in four key areas.

STC-Philadelphia Metro Chapter Hosts CONDUIT 2018

Written by TechWhirl Tech Comm News on March 21, 2018

CONDUIT 2018, the  STC-PMC Mid-Atlantic TechComm Conference, takes place April 6-7, 2018 at the Giant Conference Center in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania.

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