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Editorial Calendar Template (cross-functional)

Written by Connie Giordano on June 22, 2017

This Editorial Calendar template lets team members see what content needs to be created or reworked to address the overall user experience, and invites new ideas on reusing content to support all phases of buyer journey from awareness through consumption of the product (or service).

Technical Content Foundations: What is Data Visualization?

Written by Anum Yoon on June 7, 2017

Data visualization involves two key concepts: big data, …

Zombies, Cockroaches, and Technical Writers

Written by Dan Goldstein on June 1, 2017

A good technical writer can still walk into a Klingon transporter room or King Arthur’s trebuchet workshop, do a few interviews, take a few notes, document the systems, and recommend some improvements.

Employer-provided Educational Assistance

Written by Dr. Damian C. Koshnick on May 30, 2017

Most organizations view tuition assistance benefits as critical for attracting the best pool of candidates for new hiring, for increasing the retention of current employees, and as a means of promoting employees who take advantage of the benefit.

The Help Files: How to Start a Consulting Business

Written by Craig Cardimon on May 25, 2017

Monday mornings are bad. Ask the Carpenters, who sang about it in 1971, or most anyone who commutes to work in an office. There are certainly pros to running your own business. But you also need to remember the cons too.

Automation and Documentation: Do More and Be More

Written by Phil Davis on May 18, 2017

Consider that a technical writer, a hybrid beast, straddles the industrial (“technical”) and the artisanal (“writer”). Despite this unique position, we are not immune to the vagaries of automation, globalization, and other business trends.

Elementary, My Dear Watson: the Editor as Detective

Written by Geoff Hart on May 4, 2017

Editing requires many of the same skills as a detective, and uncovering means, motive, and opportunity can assist writers in being more effective.

The Help Files: Pin Your Way to a New Job

Written by Craig Cardimon on April 26, 2017

But what about Pinterest? That’s just a Facebook for pictures, right? Wrong! Read on to find out how Pinterest can help you in your job search.

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