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The Help Files: Want a Work-From-Home Gig? Here are 8 Websites

Written by Craig Cardimon on January 30, 2017

Getting an extra job used to involve getting home from your regular job, grabbing a bite to eat, changing your clothes, and then heading out again into the dark of night perhaps to staff a cash register at the local jewelry store. Enter the web.

Users’ Advocate: Chaos Theory and Practice — Writers and Users in Agile

Written by Phil Davis on January 25, 2017

I’ve experienced some of the writer-friendly aspects of Agile, developed some coping strategies for the not-so-friendly aspects, and I’ve seen some of the benefits that Agile can bring to the user. I think that Agile helps me be a better users’ advocate.

Managing Content & Consumption: Online Communities Move Front & Center

Written by Connie Giordano on January 19, 2017
This article is part 1 of 1 in the series Content and Community Management

as our sense of, and participation in, communities moves online, we need to ensure that we use the fundamentals to create, produce, and manage content within and among the communities we want to engage.

Linking Algorithms and Structured Writing

Written by Mark Baker on January 12, 2017
This article is part 14 of 14 in the series Understanding and Mastering Structured Writing

Deflection points in the content, points in which the reader’s “next” may not be the thing that comes next in the linear order of the work. To support information foraging, we may need to deflect to other content or to a different way of finding information using linking algorithms.

Project Charter Template

Written by Connie Giordano on January 5, 2017

A solid project charter lays out the 5Ws and 1H: What will be done; Why you will do it; When and Where will you do it; Who is responsible; and How it will be accomplished.

Information & User Experience: Language & Content Make or Break UX

Written by Sophia Marx on December 30, 2016

The language on the TurboTax website was reassuring to me. I felt a connection. Like I could trust Intuit. Language in a user interface is important to make users feel comfortable, confident, and successful.

The Help Files: You’ve Been Laid Off. Bah Humbug!

Written by Craig Cardimon on December 22, 2016

You all know about the late afternoon shoulder-tap, right? It usually arrives after you have recovered from lunch, but before you can start getting ready to leave for the day. Your boss comes over to you, taps you on the shoulder, and says something like, “Gotta minute?”

LavaCon 2016 Summary: Creating Content Bits that Connect with Users

Written by Lois R Patterson on December 14, 2016

In general, if the microcopy helps the user feel that he or she has not made an irrevocable, high-stakes decision, the user is more likely to proceed.

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