A reoccurring dream kept Grant awake for several nights until he recounted this dream to his wife. The dream was about a Grasshopper that wanted Grant to tell his story. With the encouragement of his wife, Grant started to write, ‘Horace the Hopper,' about a small green Grasshopper that wants to see the world and what he goes through to be on his journey.

Grant started this project in 1999 and self-published in 2010. In the past several years, Grant has written over 100 short stories of Fiction, Children’s fiction, Young Adult, Mystery, Fantasy, and Memoir stories. His second book ‘What Would Grant Do’ is a collection of short memoir stories from a time when he lived with his grandparents out on the family farm in Michigan.

In March 2012 Grant released his apocalyptic book explaining how the misconception of the end of time and all mankind was driving hysteria around the country. ‘How’s it all going to end’ takes a humorist look at many of the false prophecies and their theories of how the end will come. That book led to the book ‘False Prophets’.

A novelette, ‘War Dream’ is now available in e-book, audio formats and print. This war story is an account set in an active war zone. His newest projects are ‘Night Walkers,’ his teen Vampire book, ‘CRAZY’ and ‘The Magic Cape’.

Grant is an accomplished speaker in Toastmasters; he uses his speaking skills to give programs and book readings to children in the area. He belongs to several writing groups from Knoxville and Chattanooga, and in his spare time, Grant is a Design Engineer in the manufacturing industry. He lives in East Tennessee with his wife Sharon and their four cats.