The Help Files: Landing the Job, Office Life & Freelancing

tired of snowMy latest collection of productivity hints may not prevent another polar vortex, but they should help make your work life easier, no matter whether your office is in a cubicle farm, in your car, or even at your kitchen table. This month I’ve found some great tips for getting the job—whether freelance or full-time—and dealing with office life.

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career compassThree little things that will help you get the job

We all know about the big things (resume, LinkedIn profile, experience, etc.), but sometimes the little things slip by us and fall through the cracks. After you have updated and polished your resume and social media profiles, listen to what Jen Hubley Luckwaldt has to say about three little things you can use to land that job.

Six killer newsletters to power your job search

When you’re hustling to find work, sometimes you can feel like you’re all alone out there. Fear not, because Bill Harntnett has the straight dope on six newsletters that will deliver top-notch career advice to your inbox every day. I’m not actively searching for a new job, but I subscribe to these newsletters. How about you?

Four ways to be the only one in your field getting work

Notice how some people are always in demand? You’re just as good if not better than the next guy, so why aren’t people banging on your door, too? Colin Daymude has a few tips on how you can get in on the action, too.

Office Life

cubicle-life-fourHow to Have Fun at Work

Showing up every day at work to collect a paycheck? Just going through the motions? Liz Ryan offers suggestions on how to get the mojo back into office culture and maybe even have a little fun.

How to Handle the Coworker Who Just Doesn’t Get It

Seems like everyone has THAT ONE COWORKER that you avoid. At all costs. They’re not on the same page. They don’t speak the same language. If you ask them a question, maybe they get offended, or maybe you come away even more confused. Fortunately, Julia Chang has a few tips on dealing with problematic coworkers.

Seven Reasons You Didn’t Get the Promotion

Ouch. That hurts. You got passed up for the juicy promotion you thought was in the bag. Your cubicle neighbor got it. Yeah, the one you think plays too much office politics and brags too much to be taken seriously. Maybe YOU need to play a bit more politics. Maybe YOU need to toot your own horn a bit more. Jana Quinn has a few suggestions that may help you out.


job stop freelance 1-wayLanding the perfect consulting gig

One of the toughest things about freelancing is just finding the work. If you’re casting around looking for a weekend and after-hours gig, Alex Nuth has a few ideas for getting your foot in the door.

Five tips for launching a side business

If you’re not quite sure what your side business should be, but you know you’d like to have one, Gabrielle Karol offers five suggestions to help get your microbusiness started.

How to start your freelance career and be your own boss

For some people, traditional 9-5 office jobs simply don’t cut the mustard. They want to work their own hours and call their own shots. Josephine Sabin has some ideas to get you going.

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