Startup Company TechVines Offers In-depth Educational Videos Using Vine

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The ever-decreasing attention span of the Internet generation has led to the overwhelming popularity of Vine, an app designed to let users share short looping video clips. Founded by Rus Yusupov, Colin Kroll, and Dom Hofmann in 2012, Vine Labs Inc. has also successfully entered the children’s sphere with their Vine Kids app.

Following in the successful footsteps of Vine itself, startup company TechVines will  turn its attention to new markets—technical communication and online learning.

TechVines officially launches on March 31st, 2015, and seeks to facilitate new avenues of learning for product owners and how-to gurus.

TechVines continues the Vine tradition of looping videos, and has considered either increasing video length from six seconds to up to fifteen seconds or reducing video length down to three seconds. The looping feature lets TechVines subscribers revisit missed steps until they are ready to move on to the next how-to or feature highlight video applicable to their specific situation.

Technical communication advocates are calling the new service a game-changer in the quest for moving content from codified word to interactive instruction. Vine has stated that due to the sensitive nature of technical content, only the originating companies will be allowed to create TechVines videos, and users are encouraged to advocate to product and service manufacturers that vine-sized instructional video content is something they would like to see from their favourite brands.

TechVines is also seeking the opportunity to present its complete certification program at YouComm 2015. As an official virtual un-conference, the schedule will not be determined until the day of the conference. So, to see TechVines in action, tweet the conference using the #ucomm2015 hashtag or visit the website at


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