Tech Writer This Week for February 6, 2015


Our ideal work scenario around here at TechWhirl involves one of two possiblities: either change the laws of physics so we can have four more hours a day to do stuff, or adopt some sort of Star Trek/Dr.Who-inspired time travel device to ensure we can instantaneously create, edit, and publish everything on our calendar, while simultaneously organizing client meetings, writing up conference proposals, and figuring out what to make for dinner.

Alas, since neither seems to be likely before we shuffle off this mortal coil, we’re left with reviewing all those good time management, analysis, writers’-block-busting, and assorted other skills that should make us optimally efficient and effective. Simultaneous is hard… instantaneous is a pipe dream.

Scanning the internet for really worthwhile, interesting content on content, tech comm and customer experience would likely be a snap if there wasn’t so much excellent stuff coming out these days. Just a few pinches to whet your appetite:

And we do wonder if some of these folks actually have an inside track on that time travel thing.

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