Tech Writer This Week for September 19, 2013

Autumn / Spring is Coming

Tech Writer This Week returns after taking a week to remember and prioritize our lives. We’re back; more grounded; ready to go.

BUT, before we preview a few of this week’s best we’d like to take a moment to editorialize on the following quote that is so very popular on Twitter:

“Consulting with users BEFORE design and development is a whole lot cheaper than fixing problems they find after it’s all done.” – anon.

First, yes this is true and it well stated.

Second, please for the love of good grammar and citations stop sharing this quote without attributing it. We tried to find its author and can’t. If you’re the person—the auditory genius— who first thought of these words please add a comment to the post and we shall gladly update the quote attribution and share it publicly.

For everyone else, there’s a special place in Hades for those who share this quote without attribution. u Will be thar w/ peeples who share da Dr. Seuss and technical writing article on our Email List and Forums and those who try to bring text speak into regular written language.

Thank you for indulging the editorial staff on this request. We review hundreds, if not thousands, of Tweets and shares a week to find the best and seeing this quote over, and over, and over again means we have to hide the sharp objects in the office. And sometimes we need those sharp objects for things.

Ahem. Where were we? The best of the week … a great week for articles and shares so let’s get to it.

Here are a few to whet the appetite:

More great articles on communications, conferences and careers right … this … way.

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