Tech Writer This Week for September 25, 2014



In this edition of Tech Writer This Week we’re thinking about ourselves and what we mean to the wider world. It wouldn’t be autumn without falling leaves, the conference season (need a few writers for IDW by the way) and another round of existential thought about our profession. Who says that one can’t get anywhere if they’re only looking inward? Ask us in 2015 when around this time when we’ll address this same subject.

For us, you’re all wonderful, beautiful and above average communicators – skilled in helping other people “see” the answer and get more out of their products. Others are artists with numbers, we are artists with words. You fill the gap between designed products and people getting the most out of those products. You, good people of communications, help create excellent customer experiences.

Of course our other answer was going to be 42.

This week’s crop of articles on the Interweb have touched on all the normal subjects including tech comm, content strategy, DITA and a few career articles. We’ve plucked the bad apples and left the sour inward staring citrus products off the list while finding only the ripest most useful fruit for your consumption.

Here’s a few while you’re deciding on Bloody Marry or Salsa:

These articles and a bushel more are right this way in this edition of Tech Writer This Week.

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