Tech Writer This Week for September 4, 2014

What's in Here?

What’s in Here?

In this edition of Tech Writer This Week we’re going exploring into the nether regions of this big ol’ world of ours. Or, well, to be more specific, we’re going where few have gone before to shine light on content, its creators and the best ways to approach all three. Some managers will stay stick it where the sun doesn’t shine! But, not us. We say let’s cover it in all its glory. On YouTube. And around the web.

The first week of September is nearly in the books and the articles are starting to flow. Granted, it’s not the explosive amount of content we’re accustomed to seeing, but the post summer-vacation silly season is still young. We have articles on communications, content industry and technologies plus a few career – job search articles along with a few shameless plugs for our upcoming Customer Experience Recognition Awards (deadline for submissions is Friday, September 19).

Here’s a few articles while you’re getting the flashlights warmed up:

Grab yourself some Jello and prepare to go exploring in this edition of Tech Writer This Week.

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