Content Management System Selection Matrix (v1.1)

You’ve read up on content management systems and now you’re looking to choose the right content management software for your company.  You can use our Content Management System Selection Matrix Tool to help you with choosing the right CCMS.

Content Management System Selection Matrix Tool Directions

  1. Review the functionality listed on each tab and add your own (the results of your requirements gathering activities).
  2. Weight each feature: how important is it to your use case?
  3. Score the first CMS you are evaluating.
  4. Score two or more other CMSs to compare them, feature by feature.
  5. Review the totals.
  6. Switch to the Cost tab and compare pricing models/costs over multiple years.

Download Content Management System Selection Matrix Tool (Zip, Excel File)


Version 1.1: Last updated March 6, 2013


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