Jacquie Samuels

Jacquie Samuels is the owner of Writing Wise. She endeavors to help everyone create documentation that is stronger, faster, and smarter. You can connect with Jacquie through her Google Plus page.

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What Is DITA Conversion?

While DITA conversion is part of the larger DITA adoption process, it requires significant forethought, planning, and resources on its own. So we’ve prepared this overview to DITA conversion to help you start evaluating what it will take to convert your content to DITA. Continue reading ...

The Language of Content Strategy

Book Review: The Language of Content Strategy

Making sure we’re all using the same words to mean the same thing is a vital step in the development of our profession. The Language of Content Strategy, edited by Scott Abel and Rahel Anne Bailie, has 52 contributors and 52 terms designed to give us a common lexicon for discussing, planning, and sharing content strategy. Continue reading ...