DITA Resources

DITA-Darwin Information Typing ArchitectureWhether your organization has already implemented DITA or is still the discovery and research stages, helpful DITA resources are always welcome. We’ve compiled the following list of vendor-neutral useful DITA resources:



TechWhirl Forum: DITA

One of the TechWhirl communities that offers “Questions, answers and discussions on the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA).”

DITA Consultants and Services

TechWhirl’s list of DITA consultants and services.

OASIS DITA Adoption Technical Committee

Resources for managers and authors looking to adopt DITA.

DITA 1.2 Specification

The DITA “bible.” It is the list and descriptions of allowed elements and attributes in DITA 1.2. DITA 1.3 will be available in Q3 of 2014.

Google+ DITA Group

A community of DITA users on Google+.

DITA Writer

List of DITA-related authoring tools and CCMS as well as tracking DITA trends, written and maintained by Keith Schengili-Roberts.

Yahoo! DITA Users’ Group


A Yahoo! group that has become one of the best places to ask questions related to tag use, specializations, and DITA OpenToolkit issues. Search functionality lets you get answers to questions that have already been asked.

DITA Open Toolkit

The GitHub location for the DITA OpenToolkit code (for publishing and transforming DITA content into other formats).

DITA Open Toolkit online PDF generator

Created and maintained by “the DITA Open Toolkit guy” Jarno Elovirta, it lets you generate and somewhat customize your PDFs via the Open Toolkit.

Google Group

The Google Group where you can ask questions related specifically to the DITA OpenToolkit.

LinkedIn Group: DITA for Small Teams

A group specifically geared towards teams of 1 to 5 writers who want to or are adopting DITA, often without a dedicated manager.

LinkedIn Group: DITA Awareness

A group for general discussions and announcements about DITA.

Do you know of other vendor-neutral DITA information resources? Drop us a note with a description and link, and we’ll update the list.

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