A is for Acrobat: The Tech Writer’s Cursory Rhyme

Editor’s Note: Yehoshua Paul recently tried his hand at developing a rhyming song in the fine tradition of  teaching the English alphabet to children. If your workplace often seems like a pre-school nursery with brats, cherubs, crybabies and rugrats, you can probably relate.  A bit of fun and pleasantness for a Monday morning–enjoy!

TechWriter-ABCA is for Acrobat to publish in print

B is for backup – you shouldn’t need the hint

C is for content which is produced en-masse

D is for deadlines that are always yesterday

E is for engineers who don’t know how to spell

F is for the formatting that makes your life a living h**l

G is for graphics the smaller the better

H is for Help – which you constantly deliver

I is for the iPad your output needs to support

J is for Jpeg – don’t sell it short

K is for the knowledgebase you need to update

L is the links which you never want to break

M is for the multiple channels through which you deliver content

N is for notes you take – deciphering them is torment

O is for open source which always lacks support

P is for PDF – Don’t make me snort

Q is for QuarkXpress – it was for desktop publishing

R is for Robohelp, and the content that needs importing

S is for the SME who ignores your glare

(and questions, and scheduled meeting, and e-mail messages)

T is for the tables at which your users stare

U is for the understanding that seems so elusive

V is for the version releases that are supposed to be all-inclusive

W is for wikis – lots of fun to use

X is for XML – the technical writer’s blues

Y oh why oh why am I writing this poem?

Z is for the zipfile I just sent – can I go home?

Now you know your A-B-Cs

Let’s see what type of technical writer you’ll be

Yehoshua Paul

Yehoshua Paul is a documentation specialist, technical communicator, technical writer, content manager - you name it, he’s done it. In his five years as a technical writer, Yehoshua has managed to work in a wide variety of companies; from small startups to large multi-national corporations. Currently he is working as the lone technical writer in a software company that develops web-based systems for airlines, travel agencies and tour operators.

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