Adobe DITA World 2016 Connects the Dots between Marketing and TechComm


Adobe Systems hosts a three-day online conference designed to explore the world of DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture) including best practices and the tools that make up the content ecosystem. Scheduled for November 2–4, 2016, Adobe DITA World 2016 brings together leading experts in content strategy, technical communications, translation, and content management for a wide range of topical sessions that reflect the massive changes throughout the content industry.

Host and Adobe’s Global TechComm Evangelist Stefan Gentz says that the online conference demonstrates Adobe’s “strong commitment to DITA.” Recognizing that the convergence of technical communications and marketing communications is rapidly advancing, he notes that “the speakers at this conference are the crème de la crème of the Content Strategy, TechComm, DITA, Content Management and Translation industry. Having them all together in one big online event is incredibly exciting.”

Stefan kicks off each day’s events at 8:45 (PDT) followed by a keynote address from top leaders in the field. Day 1 opens with Noz Urbina on “Technical Communication is Marketing Communication: How Structure is Connecting the Dots.” Dr. JoAnn Hackos from Comtech Services Inc. delivers the Day 2 keynote, “Integrated Content Creation: Inviting Content Creators to Work Together,” and Andrew Bredenkamp from Acrolinx provides the final keynote, “Creating Amazing Content – How Acrolinx improves your content quality with DITA and FrameMaker 2015.” Speakers like Rahel Anne Bailie, Charles Cooper, Val Swisher, Tom Aldous, Joe Gollner, Eliot Kimber, Sarah O’Keefe, Janine Trakhtenberg, and many more make the program diverse and of highest quality.

The agenda includes high-level discussions of marketing and technical content strategy, as well as deep dives into the tactical solutions that allow organizations to streamline and advance their content development and delivery. Conference sessions focus on how DITA and DITA solutions are shaping content creation, design, translation, and delivery. All sessions include a Q&A section to maximize interaction between participants and the experts.

“A fast-growing number of companies are switching to DITA – and Adobe FrameMaker is their preferred DITA authoring tool,” Stefan says. “In addition, with the new XML Documentation Add-on for Adobe Experience Manager – Adobe’s new DITA CCMS – we offer an end-to-end solution for technical content. It helps companies to consolidate their IT infrastructure to one Adobe platform and finally bring their Marketing Communication and Technical Communication together.”

Stefan notes that the high number of registrations received within the first 24 hours of announcing Adobe DITA World show the massive interest in DITA and Adobe’s solution portfolio. Quickly, Adobe DITA World has become the biggest DITA conference in the world.

Attendees can register for free at the Adobe DITA World 2016 site The conference will be hosted on Adobe’s conference platform Adobe Connect, so participants need only a web browser. Attendees can also join in with the Adobe Connect app for iOS or Android.

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