Adobe is Truly the New ‘Frame’Maker

Software giant makes its first foray into the non-technology sector

San Jose, March 31: Adobe Systems Inc. today, announced its new, first-ever non-software venture.

The company has decided to diversify into hardware. Leading the charge will be Adobe’s FrameMaker software division with its new ‘Frame’ collection.

aprilfoolThe collection, to be revealed in an online launch on April 1, 2014, will consist of frames of all kinds. From stylish spectacle frames, to cute photo frames, artistic painting frames, and sturdy door and window frames, Adobe has thought of frames for everyone and everything. Be it your home interiors or your outfits, Adobe frames blend seamlessly into your design schema. The products are best-in-class, standards-compliant and customizable.

Adobe prides itself in advancing technology through innovative solutions for its users, and Adobe frames live up to its well-deserved reputation. Adobe door frames feature in-built bells and social integration and come bundled with designer out-of the-box skins. Based on extensive consumer research, all spec frames have wipers and finder-alarms that ensure you never lose your glasses again. The painting frames shoot out trivia about the artwork via an in-built ticker. Photo frames have expression-detectors that shoot selfies of your visitors reacting to your photos. In the near future, expect to see DIY frames and doors that open automatically to a pre-approved list of friends from your social media channels.

The news has met with mixed reactions from the Adobe user community. Longtime Adobe evangelist, Fram E. Rite sees the diversification as a natural next step, “Adobe FrameMaker is a complete solution for authoring, enriching, managing, and publishing technical documentation. It’s a natural move to enrich and manage frames in the physical world as well.”

Industry Analyst, Justin Funn says, “In the user community, Adobe is known for its high quality and user-friendly software. We are sure that the ‘Frame’ business will match up … indeed, set new standards.”

“I can’t wait to try out the new frames. I have heard that Adobe has a huge color, style and texture palette to offer along with a preview panel – so we can upload our photo or our wall image and see if the frame fits in! That’s pretty, darn cool!” says Amy Foolerton, a long-time Adobe customer and user of Adobe’s Technical Communication Suite.

All eyes are now on Adobe’s ‘Frame’ business and its seamless integration with technology.

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